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The class is suited for beginners and intermediate photographers alike. Requirements and readings will scale to your level. Students will be best served if they have a DSLR and a cell phone that has an integrated camera.

In this class we will experiment with alternate photographic processes that reconnect us with our subject matter. Borrowing from over 100 years of photographic history, you will use everything from darkroom techniques such as rayograms and pinhole prints, to contemporary tools such as cell phones and modified digital methods. In doing so, you will make images that are more than just a picture of a thing itself, but one that begs an infinite number of questions. Each day will start with looking at a historical photographer and their work, followed by a hands-on workshop where we will explore a related photographic method. There will be in-class work on printing, use of the digital print class room, and the chance to build basic Photoshop skills to produce high-quality prints. We will spend part of each day honing our critique skills and terminology, and doing side-by-side reviews of classical photographers’ work next to our own.

In one week, you will develop new expertise in tools and experimental processes that will be assets to any work flow, including digital photography. You will develop skills of seeing deeply and an articulation of our experiences of photography. By the end of the course, we will have created the possibility of a long-term photographic community that will help develop and shape your future work.